Millbrook Playhouse Internship Program provides engaging and educational experiences with several unique benefits:

  • Interns will interact with staff and artists regularly;
  • Hands on experience;
  • Work among young professionals & veterans in the field;
  • Networking opportunities with fellow interns, staff and directors;
  • Designer and teaching opportunities for those interested;

Interns should be current, or recently enrolled in college or be interested in taking the first step towards a career in a professional theatre. Should have an interest in working in a highly collaborative environment and ready to take on whatever comes their way. While interns should have some basic experience in their position of interest, the internship can be seen as an opportunity to learn and further develop the administrative or technical skills they possess.

We offer internships in the areas of arts administration/box office, music directing/directing/education, acting (see ResCo,) carpentry/scenic design, lighting/sound design, props, company management, technical production and productions assistants.

Intern Descriptions:


Resident Company Members:  Please see acting pageIf you submit videos, we will only contact you if we need anything further

Musical Directing Intern works closely with Musical Director assisting on the main-stage and cabaret shows helping to reduce orchestrations, playing and arranging the various Cabarets. Additional opportunities may include music directing the kid’s shows. Candidate must possess a strong piano, and basic computer experience.

Specific Duties Include:

  • Run warm-ups for actors.
  • May play 2nd keys or other instrument in the pit band.
  • MD Kid’s shows and after show cabarets.
  • Assist with theatre camps. 
  • Run tracks for performances. 

Directing/Education Interns must work with children and teens. They also must have a desire to be a teacher or director and have directed and or taught at least one course or show.  The directing intern may assist guest directors during the rehearsal process and may be asked to support in administrative office and the education program which could include researching and writing study guides and lesson plans, and support for workshops and student matinees. May have an opportunity to direct intern weekend kids show and after show cabarets.

Specific Duties Include:

  • Supporting Directors in daily activities.
  • Teaching classes.
  • Take notes for directors and artistic director during tech week.
  • Providing additional supervision to students during camp.
  • Front of house and concessions.
  • Load in and strike.
  • Assist the AD with daily activities.


The Electrics/Sound Intern will work directly under the supervision of the resident lighting and sound designer. They should have a basic background in electronics with some experience working on electric crews, running a light board plus to have some basic knowledge of sound install.

Specific Duties Include:

  • Serve on load-in and focus crew.
  • Assist with electrics notes during tech and previews.
  • Maintenance of electrical equipment during the run of the show.
  • Run the light board during the run of productions.
  • Design kids’ shows.
  • Work sound crew and train on the soundboard.

The Technical Direction Intern will be an integral part of the production team. Under the guidance of the Technical Director, Intern will assist with pre-production build, maintenance of scene shop maintenance of equipment, and strike of productions. Technical Direction Intern should have basic carpentry skills. Having own equipment is a help. 

Specific Duties Include:

  • Assist with pre-production build.
  • Assist with load-in and installation of the set.
  • Maintenance of equipment at Scene Shop.
  • Assist with the strike of scenery at end of the production run.
  • TD the Saturday kids’ shows.

Wardrobe/Costume Interns will work directly with resident costume designer. Applicants must have some educational background in costume design, construction, and/or wardrobe crew. Hair and makeup experience is a plus, but not mandatory. Interns will assist with build and load in of costumes.

Specific Duties Include:

  • Assist with pre-production set-up: Dressing Rooms, Quick Change Areas, etc.
  • Pre-show and post- show laundry (Daily)
  • Maintenance of Costumes and any Hair Pieces/Wigs, as needed.
  • Weekly maintenance of Wardrobe and Dressing Rooms.
  • Maintenance of facilities and stock at the Costume Storage.
  • Assist with the strike of costumes at end of production run.
  • Design and run kids’ shows.

Scenic/Carpentry Interns will assist in the construction, maintenance, installation and strike of all scenic elements for an 8-show summer season. Learn construction in a fast-paced environment. Ideal candidate will have experience in carpentry, basic scenic painting skills and a strong desire to hone his or her skills. Must be comfortable working at heights, spending extended time standing and/or moving and must be able move scenery.

Specific Duties Include:

  • Assist with pre-production build.
  • Assist with load-in and installation of set
  • Maintenance of equipment at Scene Shop.
  • Assist with the strike of scenery at end of the production run.
  • Assist in painting of scenery
  • May have an opportunity to design and kid shows.

Properties will assist in the construction, purchase, and maintenance of props for an 8-show summer season. Learn prop construction, carpentry and painting techniques in a fast-paced, professional environment. Ideal candidate will have experience in properties construction. Having a car very helpful. 

Specific Duties Include:

  • Assist with Prop designer in purchasing and building props.
  • Assist with load-in and setting up prop running sheets.
  • Running crew.
  • Assist with the strike of scenery at end of the production run.
  • Design and run kids’ shows.
  • May include some scenic painting.


Box office and Arts Management Intern works primarily in the box office and theatre office, assisting the Producing Artistic Director, General Business Manager and Box Office Manager. Applicants will have hands on experience in box office software. Interns will be part of the strategic planning for marketing and fundraising. Interns may serve on run crew for main-stage productions as necessary.

Specific Duties Include:

  • Answering Phone.
  • Scheduling and taking minutes for meetings.
  • Strategic planning for marketing and fundraising.
  • Front of House Duties.
  • Coordinating cast parties.
  • Load-in and Strike.

Company Management Intern will be responsible for welcoming actors and staff and helping them to feel at home. Additional opportunities may include coordinating special events such as opening night parties and other festivities and helping to oversee company hospitality needs. Ideal candidate will be flexible, hardworking and must have a valid driver license.  

Specific Duties Include:

  • Greeting and driving staff to housing.
  • Assisting  in daily transportation.
  • Assisting in meal preparation and cleanup.
  • Setting up special events for staff.  
  • May work in the box office. 

Stage Management Internships: Interns works directly with Stage Managers as an integral part of the stage management team. Typically, each SM intern is assigned to a specific venue. Interns assist with all aspects of rehearsal and serve as deck supervisors from the tech process through the run of the shows. .

  • Assisting  in rehearsal set up. 
  • Running the back stage during a show. 
  • It may require some wardrobe work.
  • Prepping running sheets and paper work.
  • PSM for the Saturday Morning kids’ shows.  

Interns are an essential part of our small staff and assist with tasks associated with running a nonprofit theater. We may assign all interns to a run crew, front of the house, or concession duties during performance times.

HOW: To be considered for a Professional Internship or Resident Company Member position at Millbrook Playhouse, applicants must be a current student of a collegiate theatre program, and have had some experience in arts administration and/or theatrical production (for tech). Actors must audition in person or by video.

WHY: For over 50 years, Millbrook Playhouse has offered a unique opportunity for up-and-coming actors, directors, designers, technicians, and administrators to gain unparalleled practical and hands-on experience.

WHAT YOU GET: dormitory style housing (shared) with a kitchen, internet, and local gym membership; seven meals per week, in addition to respective stipend; daily transportation between company housing and the theatre if needed; bus transportation to and from Millbrook Playhouse from NYC or Philadelphia ONLY; college credit if possible through your university; LOTS OF EXPERIENCE. Interns are paid a minimum $500.00 maximum $1,000.00 total stipend for the summer (stipend is based on experience)

Interested applicants should send a brief Cover Letter, Resume, two references (letters or contact information)

Attn: David Leidholdt, Artistic Director. Please state the intern title you are applying for in the subject line.


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What our past interns have said about the Intern Program.

“Interning at Millbrook gave me a lot of opportunity to grow as a theatre artist in a supportive environment. I learned so much through keeping up with the rigorous schedule of the theatre and also had one of the best summers of my life.”  Timmy Gage Props Intern

Interning at Millbrook allowed me to grow tremendously as an artist and really opened my eye to what it’s like to work in such a fast paced environment. I can honestly say I will never forget my summer at the barn or my Millbrook family! “- Michael Blatzer Costume Intern

Interning at Millbrook is one of the best experiences I have ever had. I had the opportunity to work alongside talented artists and technicians in a fast paced environment, and I gained hands-on experience that helped me learn and grow as a theatre professional. I loved every minute of my summer at Millbrook, and I hope I get the opportunity to return as a staff member.” – Deborah Elizabeth Stevens Company Management Intern

“Interning at Millbrook was the best summer of my life so far. I have made connections that will last my entire lifetime! As someone from Texas, it’s nice to experience doing something you love so far from home and knowing that even though you’re away from your family you have another in PA just waiting to help you learn. Interning at the barn is an experience like no other and anyone who gets to do it will come away better for having the experience.” – AJ Johnston Stage Management Intern

“My summer at Millbrook Playhouse as a Carpentry and Props Intern was extremely fulfilling and fun. I was given the opportunity to work alongside professionals to improve and develop new skills. In the scene shop we had a number of days to create the entire world of a production, and this called for a fast pace and a lot of labor. Whether is was painting the Emerald City in the baking sun, or hauling scenic piece onto the stage late at night, I always enjoyed myself. The Millbrook company was full of impassioned and creative artist, many of whom I have forged lasting friendships with. For anyone wishing to experience the challenges and rewards of working in a summer stock theatre, Millbrook is a wonderful place to start.” – Eleanor Howell-Shryock set Design Intern

“When I came to Millbrook I had no idea the amount of skills I would learn and the amazing people I would meet who came from all across the country. Millbrook gives young people the opportunity to grow and acquire skills in an environment which is very rigorous and stressful. The hours may be long and the summer heat may be rough but in the end, Millbrook is a unique experience for those who wish to learn more about the theatre world and try out the possibility of working in the professional world of theatre. I owe Millbrook a lot for taking a chance on me and allowing me to grow as a carpenter but also as a theatrical minded person!” Caleb Michael Beidelman Carpenter Intern