Millbrook Playhouse, a professional summer theatre in central Pennsylvania, is looking for a summer Costume Designer, Set Designer, Lighting Designer, Prop Master, and Sound Designer and Company Manager, Technical Director, Production Manager, Stage Managers, Assistant Stage Managers, Assistant Costume Designer, Wardrobe Supervisor/builder, Carpenters, and Box Office, to serve as staff in there 2020 summer season.

Millbrook Playhouse offers a unique opportunity for up-and-coming designers and theatre technicians to add practical, hands on experience to their resume. Designers will have the opportunity to work with experienced directors as they work to create a successful design within the limits of time, budget, and staff. Technicians will likewise learn by doing in both building and running large and smaller scale productions.

Staff and Designers should be able to work calmly in a high-paced environment and be able to work long hours without burnout. They must also have an interest in working in a highly collaborative environment and ready to take on whatever comes their way.

Job Descriptions:

  • Company Manager will be responsible for addressing the needs of the company, maintaining company calendar, staff correspondence, and arranging travel and accommodations for all staff and actors. As well as arranging the six meals for the staff and cast, that includes pick up from local restaurants, helping to set up kitchen, and clean up after meals, and any day-to-day issues or emergencies that may arise. Candidate must be highly organized, self-motivated, flexible, and possess excellent interpersonal communication skills. Must have a valid driver’s license and like people. A highly competent and caring Company Manager is critical to the success of the summer. Often CM will assist with opening night cast parties and gifts, work with the board of directors on events and help the Artistic Director with audience interactions.
  • The Technical Director requires a hand on person responsible for the construction of all sets for the season. Will work closely with the set designer to execute the designs. Will supervise the master carpenters, carpenters, scenic artist and Interns. Must schedule and supervise all changeovers in consultation with the stage manager and designers and Producing Artistic Director. (Would also consider a TD/Set Designer)
  • The Master Carpenter/ATD requires an individual with excellent carpentry skills and the ability to assist the TD in supervising the carpenters. Depending upon the show, he or she may be part of the running crew. (Would also consider an ATD/Set Designer.)
  • Carpenter: the TD will supervise carpenters and assist in construction of the sets, load in and out and help supervise changeover. Although most of the job involves carpentry, it may involve some electrics. Carpenters will be part of the running crew.
  • Costume Shop Supervisor/Designer (see designers below): required to guide a small costume shop of 3-5 people, including interns. Primary functions is to run day-to-day operations; which include pulling and maintaining costumes, building and oversee any rentals. CSS is the point person for the designers and stage managers. They will train and guide interns and help maintain shop area.
  • Production Manager including, all technical scheduling and running of production and design meetings, set load-ins, builds, lighting hangs, technical rehearsals, previews, lead tech notes prior to the opening night of all productions and strike.  Respond to various tech needs during rehearsals and maintain the production during the run. Anticipate potential problems and develop solutions in consultation with the team of designers, Artistic Director, Technical Director, Stage Manager and General Manager. Oversee rentals of lights, costumes and tech.  Facilitating the design process by putting designers and director in contact, checking in with them on a weekly basis and following up with each department to make sure design deadlines are being met. Manage Production Budget in cooperation with the General Manager.
  • Box Office Associates are the principal point of contact between the public and the Playhouse, and as a result need excellent interpersonal skills and a warm personal manner.  They also need organizational and computer skills and need the ability to give great attention to detail. All office positions could also benefit from a willing attitude and a warm smile. Prior experience with Tessitura would be helpful.

Designers: Seeking extremely hands-on individuals with strong organizational, creative, technical, communication and leadership skills. Designers are responsible to help build all elements for selected shows. They will collaborate closely with the directors, Artistic Director, and work with the stage manager and the TD in organizing the changeovers. In addition, they will supervise the staff and interns. Designers will order and maintain equipment. Must work with limited budgets, also tracking budget and expenses. Creative problem-solving skills are a must. Designers usually have an MFA, or are MFA students, with some previous experience in the summer theatre preferred. Designers are also expected to attend all production meetings and dress rehearsals for your assigned show. Contracts are full season for a designer, there is some flexibility with shorter contracts, however designers must be able to design over one show in a season. All Designers must have preliminary design discussions as requested with Directors of specified productions prior to arrival. 

  • The Lighting Designer: designing and executing the lighting for agreed upon productions. Purchasing all materials for lighting, maintain equipment, maintain gel stock, collaborate/comply with Stage Director to execute changes, and work within budget. Must have eclectics skills be willing to hang and focus lights with support from LX Intern.
  • Set  Designer: responsible for planning, building, painting and otherwise overseeing the execution of the scenic designs for assigned shows. Work with the Technical Director purchasing materials, assist with the building of Sets. Collaborate with Stage Director to regarding overall vision of productions, execute changes as needed, work closely with the carpentry staff and work within budget. (will also consider a TD/Designer track)
  • Costume Designers: Must have sewing, building and some draping skills. They designing and executing the costumes for the productions assigned. Purchasing materials for costumes, collaborating with Stage Director regarding the overall vision of the production. Work with and guide Costume Shop Staff and Interns. Work within the budget. 
  • The Properties Designer: design, building, acquiring, and painting of all props for all shows. They will also maintain prop stock. Designers work with TD, Prop Intern and Set Designer on load-in and load-out of  productions. Guide and mentor Interns.
  • The Sound Designer/Operator will design all shows, plays and musicals, in the season. Also responsible for setting up the theatre sound system, including cables, area mics, speakers, amplifiers, and a multichannel digital sound mixer; Behringer X-32. Will also set up cabaret sound system. Responsible for mixing during the shows.
  • The Wardrobe Supervisor/ACD is supervised by the costume designer, duties include but are not limited to, execution and maintenance of all costumes, organizing and cleaning costume storage, laundry room, and dressing rooms, supervising the backstage area during all performances, assists with changes as needed. Ensures all costumes are maintained and laundered as needed, keeps dressing rooms operating correctly. Some design opportunities may arise, WS assistant CD duties in research, budgeting, wardrobe paperwork, and instructing the shop during build for your assigned show design. Sewing and wardrobe experience is required.

Stage Manager’s (Main Stage/Cabaret Stage) should be comfortable managing a large, professional and early career cast and creative team and be comfortable working in a collaborative, fast-paced environment. Oversee the production’s schedule and calls.

  • Oversee the production’s schedule and calls
  • Manage the day-to-day rehearsals.
  • Setting up the rehearsal space
  • Cleaning and maintaining rehearsal spaces
  • Working with departments to obtain rehearsal props, costumes, and other needed items
  • Working with the director to set calls for the performers
  • Coordinating call times with Company Management
  • Works with project timelines ensure we maintain production goals.
  • Execute development and performance management of assistants and interns
  • Run and manage the technical rehearsal process
  • File and send daily reports to designers and staff, detailing rehearsal and show needs, notes and requests
  • Follow up on all notes to ensure we complete them in a timely manner
  • Collaborate with other departments to ensure all aspects of the productions are safe and compliant with Millbrook’s internal SOPs.
  • Manage calls and attendance for productions
  • Maintain artistic integrity of productions after opening
  • Communicate notes to actors, designers, and staff to keep the show as similar to the director’s vision as possible
  • Operate light board and call technical elements of the show
  • Maintain show documentation
  • Qualifications: Proven supervisory stage management skills, strong communication skills; positive attitude, team player; good negotiation abilities, collaboration skills, problem-solving skills, organizational skills 2 years of stage management experience

Musical Director Collaborate with Stage Director and Choreographer regarding artistic vision of productions, help identify musicians as necessary, attend all rehearsals (including brush-up, understudy or other rehearsals), and performances, orchestrate or re-orchestrate music as needed for vocal and/or instrumental needs on production(s).  Attend any production meetings where attendance is requested. Schedule and direct musician rehearsals with musicians, with Stage Manager. Take part in the performance and preparation thereof, of Courtyard Cabaret on Saturday nights following the shows. Preparation includes reviewing music with any performers the days prior to Courtyard Cabaret performance.

Director/Choreographers is responsible for artistic vision of show. Must be able to multitask, work on their feet and fast-paced. Rehearsals are ten (10-12) days and many performers will be in other shows. Looking for directors who can go with the flow and be able to take limitations and make them into opportunities Director is the hub of communication between the Company and Millbrook staff Collaborate with Performers, Designers, Stage Management, and Production Staff regarding artistic vision of production, including concept and design to work within space, budget and time limitations.

  • Season range: on or about May 26  – early August. (Depends on position)
  • Pay varies depending on responsibilities it also varies depending on experience and length of contract.
  • The senior staff/designers are paid btw: $275.00-$375.00 weekly.
  •  Designers, ATD, Master Carp., ME; pay for junior staff: $175.00-$250.00 (Based on experience)
  • Housing provided—Dorm style (shared) with internet
  • Seven meals per week provided per week – catered from local restaurants.
  • Bus Transportation to and from Millbrook Playhouse provided from NYC or Philadelphia ONLY


Emailed resume and a brief cover letter to:  Attn: David Leidholdt, Producing Artistic Director

Please state the Job title you are applying for in the subject line:

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